Hi Friends!

I’m so excited you are following this journey with me that is Bee In The Kitchen. If we haven’t met, I’m Beca! A Texas girl with big ambitions and an even bigger appetite. If I’m not in the kitchen, you can probably find me doing something active with my husband, Marcus and our goldens, introducing people to their dream homes, or sipping Codigo with friends and family.

Most of us can agree that life gets BUSY. I live a face-paced life with a full agenda. Along with being immersed in Dallas Real Estate, I am very active. I love CorePower Yoga and running. I believe that a healthy lifestyle also revolves around the kitchen.

Bee In The Kitchen has been on my mind for a long time. With the overwhelming support from friends and family, I’m ready to share one of my biggest passions! I hope these recipes bring joy to your kitchens and tummies!

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